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What is the Network ID-UDP setting as seen in Bacnet Controllers?


Not sure what the Network ID-UDP Setting is required for and if this needs to be changed when commissioning a new BACnet Continuum controller.





Require information on the Continuum BACnet Network setting (physical layer).


Each network segment in a BACnet network is assigned a unique integer as an identifier for ease of routing packets between these networks. (also see LL#11170)

Bacnet Network ID-UDP Setting

This defines the ID number of the BACnet/IP network on which this controller resides. When creating a Continuum Bacnet controller the default UDP Net ID is set to 1. This setting would need to be the same for all Bacnet controllers that want to communicate with each other across the network.


Why would you want to change it?

You may have a site for example that already has a bacnet network running on the ethernet and not want to communicate on the same bacnet UDP Net Id as their bacnet devices do. In this case you could change the UDP Net Id for your bacnet communications but it needs to be the same for all of your bacnet devices since the routing tables in the controllers would need to know which UDP Net Id to route to. If you changed the UDP Net Id to 2 then all controllers would need to be set to 2 to make sure they were able to communicate efficiently with each other.

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