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What is the actual measured voltage of 0-10V analog input of UI-8-10V module when the input voltage selection dip switch is set to 10V range and what is the ElecValue range of the ...


When using the UI-8-10V for 0-10V analog input, the ElecValue of the input shows the half of the actually applied voltage.


NetController: CX9900 , CX9940 , CX9680

IOU: UI8-10V (UI-8-10V)


UI8's 10V dip switch functions as the voltage divider. 


As the UI8's 10V dip switch functions as the voltage divider,  it halves the 10V input voltage into 5V and uses it as the measured input. So, the ElecValue of the input shows the half of the actual input voltage.

Note: When the input is configured for 10V operation, the input impedance is 4.4kΩs. Therefore, the sensor used would have to be able to source as much as 2.3mA.

If input impedance is an issue for the sensor, then select the 5V input switch setting and use external resistors as detailed in Lessons learned #4432.

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