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What is the best way to engineer a Continuum BACnet project?


How should I engineer my BACnet project, what are some of the pitfalls and what is best practice? Also how much Engineering can be done offline?


Continuum BACnet systems


There is often multiple ways to engineer a system, which ones are best practice, which should be avoided? Often project timescales do not allow for all of the engineering to start after the system goes live on site, what work can be done offline in the office prior to going to the jobsite and what has to be completed when online on site?


The linked document below is designed to provide guidance for the Sales and engineering teams when designing a BACnet system, it then details how you can engineer some of your projects offline and what must be done at the job site.

 There then follows a Hints and Tips section that gives further assistance with links to other Lessons Learned articles.


Engineering Continuum BACnet Systems V5.pdf

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