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What is the default IP address for a UNC, ENC, or Jace 8000?


Documentation supplied with new UNC, ENC, or Jace 8000 was discarded.  Is there a way to determine the default, factory defined IP address for the Ethernet port on the controller?


I/A Series (Niagara) R2 UNC

I/A Series (Niagara) G3 ENC

Niagara N4 or G3 Jace 8000


Lost or discarded document, shipped with controller, that contained the configured IP address.


The default Ethernet IP address for an I/A Series (Niagara) UNC or ENC is based on the serial number and type of device.

For a UNC or ENC the default address is where X is the last digit of the device serial number.  The default serial number is found on a sticker on the controller circuit board.  This sticker has the full model number, date code and serial number of the controller.  The serial number is preceded with S/N:.
The subnet mask is in all UNCs, ENCs and Jace 8000

The default address base address ( is the same for all UNC-410, UNC-510, UNC-520, ENC-410 and ENC-520 controllers.

The default IP address a Jace 8000 for PRI (LAN1) is  SEC (LAN2) is by default disabled.

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