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What is the difference between the MNL-200 RS1 and RS3 LonMark profile? RS2 and RS4 LonMark Profiles?


Customer wants to know if he gets any different functionality when updating from a MNL-20RS1 to a MNL-20RS3 in terms of the LonMark profile.

Likewise, what is the difference between the MNL-10RS2 and MNL-10RS4 LonMark profiles.


MNL-xxRS1 / MNL-xxRS3 controllers

MNL-xxRS2 / MNL-xxRS4 controllers


LonMark Profile update was required when the hardware was revised so that we could maintain our LonMark registration status on the controllers

This same change applies to the RS2 and RS4 profiles


The profiles for all the standard MNL-xx series controllers (MNL-50, MNL-100, MNL-110, MNL-130, MNL-150, MNL-200 and MNL-Vxx) are documented in Appendix B of the WorkPlace Tech Tool 4.0 Engineering Guide, F-27254.

Specifically, the differences in the MNL-xxRS1 and MNL-xxRS3 profiles are as follows:

NV Index # 23

MNL-xxRS1: Name: nvoSECAlarm      TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc
MNL-xxRS3: Name: nvoDeviceAlarm   TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc

NV Index # 58

MNL-xxRS1: Name: nciSECModelNum   TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc
MNL-xxRS3: Name: nvoDeviceInfo    TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc

Likewise, the differences in the RS2 and RS4 profiles are as follows:

NV Index # 25

MNL-xxRS2: Name: nvoSECAlarm      TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc
MNL-xxRS4: Name: nvoDeviceAlarm   TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc

NV Index # 60

MNL-xxRS2: Name: nciSECModelNum   TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc
MNL-xxRS4: Name: nvoDeviceInfo    TypeSmiley FrustratedNVT_str_asc

The corresponding differences exist in the Version 2 and Version 3 profiles for the MNL-xxRFp, MNL-xxRHp, MNL-xxRRp, MNL-V1RVp, MNL-V2RVp and MNL-V3RVp controllers where "p" corresponds to the Version number 2 or 3.

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