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What is the minimum version of ACX2 that will support encryption / network security / IPSec?


Customer with 1.81 system needs encryption.  


CyberStation, ACX57xx


Can ACX57xx network security be turned on in a version compatible with CyberStation v1.81.


CyberStation v1.80 added the encryption feature. This is from the CyberStation v1.80 release notes:
192-bit IPSec/IKE Encryption Support.

Encryption and authentication can be enabled for communication between Continuum workstations and controllers. The CyberStation uses IPSec (Internet Security Protocol) and IKE (Internet Exchange Protocol) for encryption.
This feature is for use with Netcontroller II (CX968X) and ACX II (ACX57XX)

When running CyberStation v1.80 or 1.81 the ACX2 must be at a v1.0x. When running CyberStation v1.82 or higher you must be at ACX2 v1.1x.

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