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What is the new Elevator Floor Module?


Upgrading site from Continuum v1.8x to v1.9x. with Elevator Control software. Continuum v1.91 and above now supports the Elevator Floor Module directly from within the Personnel Manager. Information on this new feature and how to implement is required.


Continuum Cyberstation v1.91 and above

Elevator Control Software

Personnel Editor

Elevator Floor Module


Elevator floor selection is now done through the new Elevator Floor Module selected from a button within the Personnel Manager, thus removing the requirement to use the external Elevator PIM application for floor selection.


The Elevator Floor Module is a free add-on for Elevator Control V2.6x.  It allows you to open the Elevator Floor selection window directly from the Continuum V1.91 (and above) Personnel Manager.  There is now no need to run the external Elevator PIM for Elevator Template or floor assignment. 

Another added feature with the new Module is that Personnel objects can now reside in any folder.

You can see more information on the features available and how to configure the Module at the link below.

Elevator Floor Module Configuration

For the Floor Module to work, it does require the Elevator Software to be installed and configured on the Continuum Workstation as well as the Continuum Security Key to be enabled with the Elevator option.

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