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What is the procedure for redisplaying the WorkPlace Tech Tool stencils (Visio Shape Sheets) after accidentally or intentionally closing them?


When using the I/A Series WorkPlace Tech Tool software to engineer an application for the I/A Series LON or BACnet controllers, the Visio Shape Sheets (stencils) containing the application drawing objects may be accidentally or intentionally closed.  Due to the names of the Visio Shape Sheet files containing the WPT stencils, it is very difficult to reopen the proper series of shape sheets without repeated trial-and-error.  

When upgrading an application drawing from WPT 4.0 to WPT 5.7 or WPT 5.8, this same issue may occur.  Use this procedure to reattach the proper stencils to the upgraded application file.


I/A Series WorkPlace Tech Tool software version 4.0.0 or newer.


The names of the Visio Shape Sheet (Stencil) files for the WorkPlace Tech Tool are not self-explanatory, making it nearly impossible to manually select and reattach the correct stencils to the current application file.



Open the WPT Hardware Wizard, either from the Application Menu or by Right-Clicking on the drawing, and then click the Hardware Wizard [Finish] button. 

The WPT Hardware Wizard will use the information pertaining to the selected controller type, model and version to insure that the application is configured properly and the necessary drawing stencils are available, redisplaying them on the left edge of the drawing

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