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What is the procedure for upgrading or downgrading the I/A Series G3 software in an I/A Series ENC?


What is the procedure for upgrading the I/A Series G3 software in an I/A Series ENC?


I/A Series G3 Workbench software on computer (both the old version and new version need to be installed on the computer)

I/A Series G3 ENC-520 or ENC-410


Need to upgrade the software that is installed in the ENC.


  1. With the old version of Workbench running on the computer, backup the station running in the ENC.  All required graphic files, etc., stored in the ENC should also be backed up.  Note the station folder name for use in step 5, below.
  2. Verify that the license in the ENC is compatible with the new release to be installed. If not, use the License Manager (under the Platform) to install an updated license. If the correct version of the license is not currently available, it must be obtained and installed prior to beginning step 6, below.
  3. If the new release of the I/A Series G3 software has not already been installed on the computer, install it now.
  4. Verify that the Workbench computer has a license that is version compatible with the new release of the I/A Series software to be installed.  If the license is not version compatible, acquire a new license for the Workbench computer before continuing.
  5. Copy the entire named station folder (used in step 1) from the old release Stations folder to the new release Stations folder.  See NOTE below regarding the installation of a version downgrade.
  6. Run the "Install Platform Daemon" command from the Windows Start Menu folder for the new version of the software.
  7. Open the Workbench in the new version of the I/A Series G3 software and connect to the platform of the ENC to be upgraded.
  8. From the Platform menu, open the License Manager and verify that the ENC license has been updated to allow use with the new version of the I/A Series G3 software.
  9. Right-Click on the ENC platform in the Workbench tree and select Commissioning Wizard.
  10. Complete the commissioning process as documented in the Niagara AX Install and Startup Guide .
    • On the first screen, select the operations to be performed.  The required minimum operations will normally be checked and shown in grey.  The "Install a station..." option needs to be checked if not already checked.
    • Click [Next] to begin the commissioning process. 
    • Continue through the various steps, as required.  
    • When prompted, select the station copied in step 5.
    • When prompted, verify that all required modules are available and are selected for installation.
    • Allow the commissioning process to complete, following the prompts as required.
  11. The upgrade is now complete.  Start the station as required.

NOTE: Do not use the process to directly downgrade the version of software installed in an ENC.  You must use the Platform "Distribution File Installer" to install the appropriate clean distribution (from the cleanDist folder under the software version to be installed.  Typically, only one clean distribution file will be available to be installed.  Select that file then click the [-> Install] button to downgrade the ENC software.  This process needs to be done as noted in step 5, above, after backing up the station but before beginning the commissioning of the device with the older I/A Series G3 software version.

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