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What is the range of Wiegand Card numbers and Site Codes I can use on Continuum?


Continuum supports different Wiegand card formats and Custom formats, what is the largest card number that can be used?


ACX57xx (ACX5740, ACX5720)

AC1, AC1-A, AC1 Plus

ACX780, ACX700

Custom Wiegand - AccessFormat Array

Corporate 1000, 26 bit, 32 bit, 37 bit.


When ordering access cards and configuring personnel you need to know the maximum numbers allowed.


When configuring a Personnel object the maximum card number that can be entered is 4,294,967,295 the largest 32 bit number.

This is the largest possible card number when working with Custom Wiegand.

The maximum site code that can be used is 65,535 the largest 16 bit number.

Other Wiegand formats:

Continuum 37 bit: (Also known as Infinity 37)

Card number range: 1 - 524,287.  Site Code range: 1 - 4,095

Note: This is a proprietary format and further format details are not available.

Continuum 32 Bit (old format, not recommended for new sites):

Card number range: 1 - 8,191.  Site Code range: 1 - 2,047

26 Bit open standard:

Card number range: 1 - 65,535. Site Code range: 1 - 255

Corporate 1000 standard:

Card number range: 1 - 1,048,575. Site Code range: 1 - 4,095

For custom formats the maximum format must not exceed 64-bits (i.e. start/end bit of the site code, card number, etc.)
See Lessons Learned Article #5977.

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