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What is the size of a Lua program inside the MPM?


How can the size of a program ( Lua Script) be seen


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What size is the program?


The size of the script is the size of the exported as a txt file.
For a graphical script, all you would have to do is convert the graphical script to text format (ignore warning but do not save script otherwise you will lose the ability to edit your graphical script) then save it as txt file.Below is Application Note 9 which can be found on the document repository.

Tip 1: Lua Program Information. The CFG1 object of any given Manager can provide detailed information on the average execution time of all the Lua processes in the system (in milliseconds), along with their memory usage and available memory (in bytes).The "Max Size" will never change, since 16MB are always reserved for the Lua tasks. But the "Size Used" is a good indicator of how much memory is currently being used by the Lua tasks. Note that approximately 8MB are used by default.So anything above 8MB will represent the custom Lua programs current memory usage.The "Avg. Execution Time" is the most interesting value. It represents how many milliseconds it took for all Lua programs to complete. When the system is empty (no scripts, no trend logs, nothing) the value should be below 100ms. An average load would be around 500ms and an overloaded system will take above a second (1000ms) to complete all of its tasks 

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