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What models of Bluetooth adapters are supported with WorkPlace Tech?


What models of Bluetooth adapters are supported with WorkPlace Tech for use with the BACnet Roam-IA MS/TP interface?


WorkPlace Tech Tool software version 5.7.1 or newer

MNB-ROAM-IA BACnet MS/TP adapter


Many of the available BlueTooth adapters do not support serial communication emulation at 115,200 baud as is required by the Roam-IA BACnet MS/TP interface.


Approved USB Bluetooth Adapter for systems that do not currently have a Bluetooth facility, can be easily added by purchasing an approved external Bluetooth adapter.

At a minimum, the adapter used MUST BE CAPABLE OF serial communication emulation at a rate of 115,200 baud. Some of the less expensive adapters are only capable of 57,600 baud.

For use with WorkPlace Tech, the tested and approved external Bluetooth adapter is the Belkin USB adapter (330 Feet), Model F8T012 – UPC Code: 7 22868 61581 2.

Although other external adapters may work, use of this adapter is required for resolving product support issues.

Update: As of 6/19/2009
The Belkin Bluetooth adapter model F8T012 is obsolete and has been replaced by the Belkin USB Bluetooth Adapter Model F8T017  – UPC Code: 7 22868 67681 3.

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