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What options are available to share public values across two LNS networks.


Have two LNS databases and need to share values between them.


  • Lonmaker
  • Newron NL220
  • Vista


As the two LNS networks are not connected you cannot bind values between them.

You can use a Object transfer in Vista or a Loytec L-Proxy controller


The main difference between the two methods is the object transfer is PC based and the Loytec option is field based. 

Object Transfer option:

Add an object transfer as described in the Chapter 14 of the TAC Vista Technical Manual.

L-Proxy Loytec controller option:

This product will reside on both LNS channels and can be setup to transfer values across networks. Here is a link to the product .

From here scroll down to find the L-Proxy Datasheet

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