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What sensors can be used for measuring air pressure in ducts?


How to measure absolute pressure in an air system?


SPD310, SPD360


Only Differential air pressure sensors are listed in the catalogue.


The SPD310 & SPD360 are the only Air Pressure transmitters we have in the Sensors Catalogue, however these should be suitable for measuring pressures most Air based systems.

They can be used to measure the differential pressure across fans or dampers, but you can leave one side of the sensor open to the plant room atmospheric pressure and the other side connected in to the duct, that way it will measure the pressure in the duct relative to that days atmospheric pressure. This method will mean the air pressure coming out of the system relative to the room remains constant as atmospheric pressure changes.

The SPD360 has the added local LCD display showing the differential pressure in Pascals.

Note: There are air pressure switches and meters also available in the catalogue.

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