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What visual indication is present when I/O server is running?


What visual indication is present when I/O server is running?


  • I/NET
  • I/O Server
  • Windows operating systems


Use the Windows system tray to determine if I/NET's companion program, I/O Server is running. This must be running to facilitate communications.


The I/NET host workstation needs to communicate with many external devices, including other host workstations, NPRs, Taps and controllers. I/NET uses a companion program, I/O Server, to facilitate efficient communication functions.

I/O Server must be running for most I/NET communication functions to occur. Each time it is started, I/NET launches I/O Server, which runs in the background. By default, I/O Server continues to run as a background task even after I/NET is shut down. This enables your host software to continue to receive I/NET data even if the host software is not operating. Should you need to disable the I/O Server temporarily, you can shut it down manually. You can also instruct I/NET to shut down all I/NET-related background tasks automatically.

When I/O Server is running, an icon is visible in the Windows system tray. The specific icon loaded will depend upon whether the workstation is directly connected to a Tap. Right-clicking on the icon allows you to manually shut down I/O Server or to start the configuration program.

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