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When SNMP Alarming is enabled on my cx controller, what alarms can be sent out to SNMP traps?


Not clear to as to which alarms can be sent out to SNMP traps. The cx controller the SNMP Alarming option is enabled on?  Subnet controllers? Other cx controllers without the options enabled?


bCX1 with SNMP alarming enabled

CX99xx with SNMP alarming enabled

CX9680 with SNMP alarming enabled

ACX57xx with SNMP alarming enabled


The documentation and ordering information is not clear as to what the SNMP Alarming option enables the controller to do.


The SNMP Alarming option enables the controller to sent out its own alarms and the alarms of its attached Infinet controllers to SNMP traps. It will not enable that controller to do the same for other CX controllers on the network. For all alarms to be sent to SNMP traps, you will need to enable the SNMP Alarming option for each CX controller.

Also see the articles below for more information on SNMP options and configuration.

Options: Lessons Learned Article #2861
Configuration: Lessons Learned Article #5479

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