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When adding StruxureWare Building Operation Demo license: Receive Status "Failed"


Adding StruxureWare Building Operation license from file fails. The following are the error messages.

"License Administrator
Major error number: 50044
Minor error number: 71013
System error number: 1
System error message:
Description: Error occurred during call to repair locally.


StruxureWare Building Operation License Administrator


The cause for this problem is unknown at this time. 


If the problem is not resolved after an uninstall and re-install of the License Server / Administrator then follow the procedure listed below.  Please contact Product Support for further investigation if the problem is not fixed with this procedure. 

  1. Exit all StruxureWare Building Operation applications.
  2. Stop the License Server (in Windows Services).
  3. Uninstall the License Administrator / Server using Windows Add/Remove Programs. If you have multiple versions installed, uninstall all versions.
  4. In Windows paths detailed below, search for files that are in the format 'taclic_*' and delete them. There could be other files in the this directory that ends with '' as there could be other 3rd party applications using FLEXnet licensing. Delete only the files that starts with 'taclic'.
    • Windows 7 go to the 'C:\Program Data\FLEXnet\' directory (Windows 7).  Note:This folder may be hidden by Windows 7, Click Here on how to view these paths.
    • Windows XP, the path to the FLEXnet folder is 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet'. or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.Windows\Application Data\FLEXnet). Note:This folder may be hidden by WindowsXP.
  5. Install the License Administrator and add the license file as per the normal procedure. 

Note: If you are unable to delete the files in step number 4, go to Windows Services and stop the FLEXnet Licensing Service and try again. 

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