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When deleting and re-creating an I/NET point using a different point type, the changes do not update in SmartStruxure


Changing an I/NET DI to a DA does not show up in StruxureWare Building Operation Workstation


I/NET SmartStruxure Integration


After integrating I/NET to SmartStruxure the designed intent is to allow all point name changes and alarming to be done in SmartStruxure workstation.  If you delete a point and re-create it using the same point address, point name but a different point type, the change will not show up in SmartStruxure.


To successfully change an I/NET point from DI to DA:

  1. Delete the Point using the I/NET Resident I/O Editor
  2. Re-create the Point using the I/NET Resident I/O Editor using the new point extension DA. YOU MUST change the point name in some way.
  3. Perform a Station Save
  4. Open Building Operation Workstation
  5. Right Click on the Controller and select Update.
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