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When using BACnet COV notification with R2 learn the device objects as "full" objects


One of the critical properties of an object using COV notification is the covIncrement value.  If the device objects are learned as "lite" objects the covIncrement property cannot be viewed or changed at the UNC.


I/A Series R2 (Niagara) 


BACnet "lite" objects by design do not have the covIncrement property.  If COV notification is used with lite objects and it becomes necessary to increase the covIncrement property for an object you would have to go to the controller with WorkPlace Tech change the covIncrement of the point, compile and download the application and then test to see if the new covIncrement was sufficient.


When learning objects in the BACnet service - BACnet Utilities on the "LearnDevice" window uncheck the box next to "Use lite objects".

With full BACnet objects the  covIncrement property can be viewed and changed from the UNC.  

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