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When using WorkPlace Tech and Niagara G3 LON tunneling through an ENC, just a few devices are found and they are displayed slowly.


When using WorkPlace Tech and Niagara G3 LON tunneling through an ENC, just a few devices are found and they are displayed slowly.


  • WorkPlace Tech
  • Niagara G3 LON


This is a symptom of a bandwidth issue with Lon trunk communications. The LON polling function can be a high contributor to the bandwidth, and disrupt Lon Tunnel communications.


By default, the "Poll Enabled" feature in an ENC is set to true in the Poll Service (located in the Property sheet of the Lon Network). If bindings are being used, polling can be disabled, which should free up enough bandwidth for Lon Tunneling.

For more details, see the Niagara LonWorks Guide "Lon Poll Service notes" page 3-6.

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