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When using the MN-Sx sensor, with local custom setpoint adjustment, is there a way for the custom setpoints entered to be lost?


The MN-S3, MN-S4, and MN-S5 sensors allow for local setpoint adjustment.  This ability is provided by configuring the sensors in WorkPlace Tech with a MNL or a MNB controller.  When a custom setpoint is entered via the sensor, is there a scenario when it could be replaced by the default setpoint?


MN-S sensors

MNL controllers

MNB controllers


End user described a situation where main power was lost in the building and all custom setpoints were replaced by the default setpoints.


The only scenario when custom setpoints are lost is if the associated controller's database is re-installed and the MN-Sx sensor is disconnected at the time of the download.  Once the download is completed, and the MN-Sx is re-connected, the default values are used by the controller.  The custom setpoints have to be re-entered at the sensor.

A power loss to the controller does not remove the custom setpoints.

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