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When you attempt to create SNVT binding you get the following error. "Error saving the variable connection !"


When you attempt to create SNVT binding you the following error.

The message output pane shows the following text.




The SNVTs setup in Menta has not had the correct send or poll option set.


Select the send option on the Digital/Analog output setup as a NVO SNVT from the Menta application


This will allow the change of value connection which will assist with network traffic bandwidth.

If you set poll in the option on the Digital/Analog input the NVI will poll the output at the specified time set in the input regardless of a change in value.

When you generate the modified Menta file the program ID will be changed so an update of NL220 and the Xenta controller is required.

To do this save the modified Menta file to the hard drive, browse the updated Menta file from the configure option on the Xenta controller in the system plugin.

Then update Vista and download the controller.

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