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Where can I get information on SNMP Alarming?


What is the format of the SNMP alarm traps and where can I obtain the MIB's


Netcontroller II CX9680, bCX1 & ACX57xx with SNMP alarming enabled.


Documentation on the SNMP Alarming is required.


The Configuration guide for SNMP Alarming can be downloaded from The Exchange Download Center, link:
Andover Continuum v1.9 SNMP Configuration Guide

This will detail how the SNMP alarming is configured and operates.

The SNMP Alarming sends the same alarm messages as shown in the Continuum alarm viewer out to the third party system via SNMP traps.

The format of the traps is defined by Management Information Blocks (MIB's) these can also be downloaded from The Exchange Download Center, click on the following link: SNMP MIBs There is no facility to change these formats within the controllers or Continuum

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