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White space or blank screen when first launching webclient from a browser


Using the correct URL to launch webclient and there is only white space


  • Webclient
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008


ActiveX controls were not installed from the Server onto the browser PC.

Certain versions of browser (IE8) disable unsigned activex controls which we use for webclient


It is possible that if this is happening on a domain that there is a group policy in place restricting access. Try the browser on the webClient PC or a laptop directly connected to the webClient PC.

  1. Check the compatibility matrix to see if the version of your browsers are supported with that version of webClient.
  2. Ensure the Activex controls were installed
  3. Turn Off Pop-up blocker.  Internet Explorer> Tools>Turn Off Pop-up blocker
  4. Internet Explorer> Tools> Internet Options> Security> Select the correct Zone (i.e. Internet, Local, trusted).
  5. Click Custom Level button
    1. Select Enable for Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls
    2. Select Enable or Prompt for Download signed ActiveX controls
    3. Select Enable or Prompt for Download unsigned ActiveX controls
    4. Click OK, OK
    5. Close Internet Explorer and try again.
  6. If it is still not working, clear the cache ( and try again.
  7. If the PC is 64 bit and the webclient version is not 1.94 and above, that could also cause this.
  8. In extreme cases removing and reinstalling .net, IIS and webclient may be necessary.
  9. Verify that the version of SQL Server is compliant with the version of Continuum that is being used. Ex. SQL Server 2000 with SP3 (instead of SP4) isn't compatible with webclient 1.93
  10. Check Lessons Learned Article #15179 related to .Net 4.5
  11. Reinstall webclient
  12. Lastly, a reformat of the hard drive an complete reinstall.

Note: If the white space happens in just the personnel area and this is 1.74 remove .net version greater than version 2

In IE 9 and IE10 use compatibility mode

IE11 is not currently not supported in a 1.94 SP1

** Webclient 2.0 new alarmview is blocked by IE setting "Block pop-ups" **

If you receive "Internet Explorer blocked a popup from webClient IIS" after logging into webclient then turn of the pop-up blocker for this or all sites. Open Internet Explorer> Tools> Pop-up Blocker> Turn off Pop-up Blocker

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