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Why Asterisks and warning messages "Needs to be Commissioned" appear on Xenta programmable controllers


Xenta programmable controllers will sometimes show an asterisk (*) next to their name in a Vista network. Hovering over the controller name will display a message that says, "Needs to be commissioned." 

  • What does this mean? 
  • Why are they there?
  • How can they be prevented?
  • How can they be removed?


  • Vista
  • LonMaker/NL220
  • Vista System Plug-In


The asterisk indicates that this controller may need to be downloaded in order for a change in the network to take place. Sometimes it is precautionary and does not mean that a controller will cease to function if a download is not performed, so discretion should be used when to heed the warning and when not to.


Read the following scenarios and how each will mark controllers for download.  Screen captures indicate the network impact of the different actions as seen from Vista System Plug-in and Workstation.

  1. Adding a Xenta unit to an existing Xenta Group
    1. By dragging and dropping the new unit into the desired group flags that group for download.  This is the preferred method for adding a Xenta unit to an existing group.
      In this example, AHU7 is added to XG_WING_B Xenta Group.

    2. Using the Update TAC Network button updates the entire TAC Network. The System Plug-in will attempt to preserve the current group structure.  Thus any new controllers are sectioned off into new Xenta groups, most often denoted with an _#. The creation of a new Xenta Group will flag the entire network as requiring a download, so this is not the preferred method.
      In this example, AHU7 is added to the network automatically and a new Xenta Group is created for it.

  2. Removing a Xenta unit from an existing Xenta Group flags the group for download.
    In this example, AHU6 is removed from XG_WING_B Xenta Group.

  3. Moving a Xenta unit from one existing Xenta Group to another flags the destination group only for a download.
    In this example, AHU6 is moved from XG_WING_B to XG_WING_A Xenta Group.

  4. Reassign the group master of an existing Xenta Group flags the group for download.
    In this example, the XG_WING_B Xenta Group master is changed from AHU4 to AHU5.

  5. Adding a new Xenta Group flags the entire network for download.
    In this example, XG_WING_C containing AHU7 is added to the network.

  6. Renaming an existing Xenta Group flags the group for download.
    In this example, XG_WING_B Xenta Group is renamed to XG_WING_C.

  7. Editing and updating a Menta file associated with a controller flags that one controller for download.
    In this example, AHU1 Menta file is edited in the database.

Once a controller has been marked needing to be commissioned, the only way to remove the asterisk is to perform a download on that controller.

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