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Why are only three tabs viewable when the Properties page of a MNB controller is opened using version 5.7.1 (and newer) of the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool?


Why are only three tabs viewable when the Properties page of a MNB controller is opened using version 5.7.1 (and newer) of the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool?


  • MNB controller
  • WorkPlace Commissioning Tool


Beginning with version 5.7.1 of the WorkPlace Commissioning tool, only a subset of the controller configuration data is requested when initially browsing for BACnet devices using the selected communications protocol. Without additional information, the "Device Properties" program module does not know what kind of device (controller model) is being accessed. Without the model information, only the generic "General", "BBMD" and "Advanced" device information tabs are displayed. This is the same information displayed when third-party BACnet controllers are accessed.


There are two options for acquiring the additional "Extended Device Data".

Turn on the "Auto Acquire Extended Data" option.  WorkPlace Commissioning Tool will automatically request the extended data for those devices shown in the device list.

Right-click the specific device entry in the list and select "Refresh" from the displayed menu.

Once the extended data has been retrieved from a BACnet device, the Properties window for that device will display with all the appropriate property tabs shown.

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