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Why do BACnet objects that are deleted keep coming back?


BACnet objects that are deleted from the BACnet side keep coming back.


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How can BACnet objects that are deleted from the BACnet side be prevented from coming back. It would be good to be able to find all the BACnet devices, delete the ones you don't want to see, and not have them reappear in ContinuumExplorer.



When BACnet is enabled, Cyberstation will automatically add devices into its database when it hears an “I-Am” message containing a Device Identifier it doesn’t already know about. There is no way to disable this behavior without shutting BACnet off completely.

I-Am messages are typically sent in response to Who-Is messages, but not always. Sometimes devices send I-Am messages when they start up, etc. Also, since I-Am’s are typically broadcast across the entire BACnet internetwork, Cyber is likely to hear I-Am messages for lots of different reasons, like in response to Who-Is/I-Am sequences it’s not directly a part of.

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