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Why is so much information required when returning a failed controller to the factory?


The factory uses the number of field failure returns to evaluate product quality.  The analysis of returned product has the potential to produce extensive information about how the product is performing and also reveal areas for improvement.


All controllers in following product lines:  MNB, MNL, Niagara, Network 8000, Micronet 2000.


Lately, many of the returned controllers, after factory-testing, have resulted in "no fault found", and a high percentage of these controllers have little to no explanation of the failure witnessed in the field.

This makes it difficult to investigate the returned product further.


Include the following information with all controller returns:

  1. A detailed description of the reason for return
  2. The name of the site from where the controller was removed
  3. The name and contact information of the field technician who determined the unit was defective

The field technician will only be contacted if absolutely necessary.

Write the above information on a "returned goods" identification tag (part number F-24802) and attach a tag to each returned controller.  The tags are available via the Publication Zone through iPortal at no charge.

For more information on returning product to the factory, review the following technical product advisories:

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