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Will Continuum work with SQL when it is configured with 64-bit ODBC drivers for the Database connection?


The SQL Server 2008 is running the 64-bit version as well as the Continuum Workstations are using 64-bit Operating Systems. In the interest of increasing the SQL access speeds can the ODBC connection between them also utilize the 64-bit ODBC driver?


Continuum v1.94 (or greater)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 64-bit



Want to know if the SQL access speeds can be increased by taking advantage of using the 64-bit ODBC drivers.


The Continuum application itself is a 32-bit application, this will require the 32-bit ODBC drivers to make a connection to the SQL Server. Even though we support Continuum in a 64-bit environment, it is still only a 32-bit application so the 32-bit ODBC drivers are used for the SQL connection.

Be aware that this is just the communications on the SQL side, the SQL application itself will still process data at 64-bit speeds if the 64-bit version is used.

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