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Will Niagara G3 integrate to a lighting system by Lutron?


A job site has a Lutron lighting system called the GRAFIK Eye QS.  It comes with a network interface with model number QSE-CI-NWK-E.  Will this allow the system to integrate to Niagara G3?


Niagara G3


Lighting system installed on a jobsite and end customer would like to integrate to the building automation system (Niagara G3).


The Lutron network interface QSE-CI-NWK-E provides an interface to a Windows-based platform via a RS-232 or TCP/IP connection.  It is a "text-based" interface meaning commands are sent via a terminal program like HyperTerminal.

In order to interface the GRAFIK Eye QS to Niagara, the FlexSerial Driver can be used.  This driver can be configured to communicate to a wide range of "simple" serial communicating devices.  It allows the user to model the native device messages like framing details and payload content.

The part number for the FlexSerial drive is ENC-DRV-FLEX.  It is an option for the ENC-520, Jace-6, Jace-7, and Jace-Nxt.

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