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Will Niagara applications run on Dual Core / Duo Core / multiprocessor computers?


Will Niagara applications run on Dual Core / Duo Core / multiprocessor computers?


  • Niagara
  • Computer with (Dual Core / Duo Core / multiprocessor)


Knowing the processor spec requirement helps assess existing computer for installing Niagara applications.


Currently, Workplace Pro / Enterprise Server and Workbench / Enterprise Network Server will run on Dual Core / Duo Core  / multiprocessor computers. These programs were designed to use only one of the processors, leaving the other processor(s) available for other applications.

Other software (i.e. WorkPlace Tech) has not been validated on these types of computer systems. Therefore, these systems should be avoided since there would be no way to confirm proper functionality for each application.

It is recommended that dual-processor and multi-processor computers as well as computers utilizing Intel Pentium 4 processors supporting Hyper-Threading Technology (when this processor feature has been enabled in the computer BIOS) be avoided for all company software for both server and client workstation applications.

For more information read Technical Bulletin TB04-07-01

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