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Will the type of SNVT binding affect the controller address table?


Will the type of SNVT binding affect the controller address table?


  • Vista LNS Network
  • LonMaker
  • NL-220


Different types of SNVT bindings affect the entries made in the address tables of the sending and / or receiving devices.


One to One Bindings

The binding type (Acknowledged, Unacknowledged, or Repeated) has no effect on the address table entries. Instead the determining factor are the send and poll flags. The sending state on SNVT outputs causes the SNVT to update the signal it is bound to. The polling state on a SNVT input causes the SNVT to poll for values on a regular basis. The effect these signal flags have on the address tables are detailed below:

Any one to one binding
Sender Receiver
  Poll No Poll
Send Both Sender Only
No Send Receiver Only Unbindable

Group Bindings

When creating group bindings the type of binding (Acknowledged, Unacknowledged, or Repeated) and the signal flags (Poll/Send) complicate the table greatly. However in situations where direct control of these signal flags is possible the effects on the address table is very simple.

A group binding where the output is a Send signal and the inputs are Not Poll then one address table slot will be consumed by all members of the group (Both sender and receiver). This scenario is the default settings for inputs and outputs for SNVTs created by Menta.

If the equipment being used is not configurable then the address table entries can become full very fast. Care should be taken if group bindings are used and it does not match the Send & No Poll defaults.

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