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Wireless Door Numerics in Alarm


All numerics for the Wireless Integration are in Alarm and unable to be cleared out of the Active Alarm View Window.


Continuum Aperio Integration


All numerics generated an Alarm that shows up in the Active Alarm View Window and it is unable to be cleared,the numeric themselves are back to their normal state and the door functions normally. Possibly system glitch with power but the user needs to have rights to clear out the ActiveAlarm View from the Alarm Event Window.


To resolve this the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Log on to the System, select the Controller that the X Driver is connected to
  2. Right Click on the deivce and send to Controller
  3. Once completed and all Individuals have been downloaded
  4. Open the Global Config Numeric for the X Driver and change its current value to 1 then apply
  5. Once it changes itself from 1-2 after clicking on the refresh button, this indicates that the device is back online.
  6. Read a card and verify that al functions have returned normally again.
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