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Wireless in the MPM or other devices always enabled and running


Can you disable the wireless in StruxureWare Lite


StruxureWare Lite site with wireless devices


Does the MPM emit radio waves if the Enocean & Zigbee is not configured (enabled) in the controller set up pages


ZigBee is a wireless communication protocol that uses a mesh network between devices. It operates on the 2.4GHz band and is divided in 16 channels. The Zigbee Pro protocol has error-correction and can dynamically add or remove nodes to the mesh without interrupting the communication. A MPM set as a ZigBee Coordinator creates a network (more or less like a wi-fi router) and a MPM set as a ZigBee router will join an existing network. As a rule of thumb the practical distances are around 150ft in building and 300ft open air but heavily depends on the obstacles around. Disabling ZigBee through the Communication Configuration (C2G1) object will prevent data exchange between this MPM and the rest of the network. It will not disable the radio module, which could still be connected to a network.

EnOcean is a 'broadcast' type of protocol that operates on 3 frequency bands. North America is currently using 315MHz and will soon be replaced by 902MHz. Europe operates on 868MHz. As a rule of thumb, the practical distances are about 50ft in building but heavily depends on the obstacles around. There is no way to disable the EnOcean module, however if no device is added or no reference to EnOcean commands are used in the scripts, the module will not transmit or receive packets.

More info on wireless deployments can be found here:

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