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Wiring detail using STR602 temperature sensor inc. remote adjust with a CXR5805 Controller


Wiring detail using STR602 temperature sensor inc. remote adjust with a CXR5805 Controller




CXR 5605


The STR datasheet instructions are not clear, it details terminals 22, 23 and 24 and not what each terminal is for e.g. 0V Com, Setpoint, 'C.

The CXR5805 User Guide details the old part numbers.


The STR602 combines the RPW4425 and DRT3453 into one temperature and setpoint unit. The STR602 is a 3 wire device using a common 0V between the setpoint adjust potentiometer and the temperature sensing thermistor.

The terminations are

STR602 term 22 (Setpoint)

STR602 term 23 (Temp 'C)

STR602 term 24 (0Vcom)

And if used on a CXR5805

STR602 term 22 (Setpoint) is wired to term 5 on the CXR5805

STR602 term 23 (Temp 'C)  is wired to term 22 on the CXR5805

STR602 term 24 (0Vcom)  is wired to term 27 on the CXR5805

Link terminals 6 and 27 on the CXR5805 

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