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With a stand-alone G3 / AX jace, how can histories be exported?


Site has no server, just a single stand-alone jace.  It has histories.  How can the data be exported?


Niagara G3 / AX any jace model running version 3.x


Viewing historical data without the benefits of an Enterprise Server


Do a manual export from the 'History Table' view:

  1. Expand the history space in the tree.
  2. Select the history to export.
  3. Right click and select View-> 'History Table'.
  4. Look over on the upper right corner of the history table. There is the tiny icon that looks kind of like a table with a little upside down triangle. Click that.
  5. Select Export.
  6. Then select the exporter in the drop down -  HistoryTable to CSV.
  7. Select 'Save to File' and then browse to a folder and enter a desired file name.
  8. Press OK.
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