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With only one modem for remote dial-in and alarm dial-out, how does SIGNAL handle alarms when it's connected?


A Network 8000 GCM is outfitted with a dial-out modem.  It sends alarms via the modem to a remotely located computer running SIGNAL.  The same modem handles dial-in connections from the SIGNAL computer.

How does SIGNAL handle receiving alarms while it is connected and viewing dynamic data?


SIGNAL and Network 8000 / DMS


Lack of more than one phone line


When SIGNAL is viewing real-time data via the MONITOR program, it will not display alarms (or exceptions).

Once the MONITOR program is stopped, alarms are allowed to pass through from the remote GCM or DMS panel to SIGNAL's alarm handler.

To avoid missing critical alarms, it would be best to install two modem on the GCM or DMS and two modems on the SIGNAL computer.
Once modem will be dedicated for dial-in (to view real-time data or modify schedules) and the other for receiving alarms/exceptions.

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