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WorkPlace Tech Commissioning Tool loses communication to the MNB-1000 over a VPN connection.


WorkPlace Tech is connection to the site via VPN. An ENC-520 on site is setup as a BBMD device. The ENC and MNB-1000 are on the same subnet. The ENC’s address is entered in the “Access a remote internetwork” in WPT Commissioning Tool. WorkPlace Tech initially discovers the MNB-1000 device. The MNB-1000 is displayed in the Commissioning Tool, but grayed out. The MNB-1000 controller eventually displays the Lost Communication Icon.


WorkPlace Tech Commissioning Tool - all versions


The default gateway is incorrectly set in the MNB-1000.


MNB-1000 controllers must have a valid IP address, Subnet Mask address and Default Gateway address for the communication ports to function properly. 

 Use WorkPlace Tech Commissioning Tool to set the correct default gateway IP address in the MNB-1000.

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