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WorkPlace Tech Tool reports Database Error "Exception error occurred during WriteProperty [0xE0330020]" when attempting to link to output of a copied custom object.


WorkPlace Tech Tool reports Database Error when attempting to link to output of a copied custom object.  The displayed error message shows the name and attribute of the object being connected along with the error "Exception error occurred during WriteProperty [0xE0330020]".


WorkPlace Tech Tool Software Version 5.7.x or newer

Workplace Tech application file containing a custom object copied from another WPT application.


Unknown, believed to be an internal Visio error.


Open the application file in the WorkPlace Tech Tool software and select the page for the Custom Object that is reporting the error.

  1. Break the connection (disconnect the link) between the Custom Object output tag and the corresponding source object. When breaking the link, it is suggested that the wire link be dropped onto the drawing page before being re-linked. 
  2. Select the link and reconnect it to the proper object.  

It may be necessary to perform this unlink and relink operation for all output tags within the Custom Object that had been copied from another WPT application file.

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