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WorkPlace Tech application file shows many, possibly all, temperature values in Degrees C instead of Degrees F.


Hardware wizard has been run in the WorkPlace Tech Tool for this application and it shows that the application is configured for English units (Degrees F, etc.), not metric units (Degrees C, etc.) but some of the points still read in metric values.


LON Controllers

WorkPlace Tech Tool software, version 5.x (or newer).


When a WorkPlace Tech Tool application file is upgraded from WPT release 4.0.x to WPT  5.x.x, it is possible that some information defined by the use of the Hardware Wizard may not migrate properly.  This problem has only been noted occasionally in applications migrated forward from WPT 4.0.x.


A two step process is required to insure that the Hardware Wizard data inconsistencies are corrected in the application file.

  1. Run the Hardware Wizard and change the engineering units to Metric.
  2. Click [Finish] to save the changes. 
  3. Compile the application but do not download it.
  4. Run the Hardware Wizard again and change the engineering units to English.
  5. Click [Finish] to save the changes.
  6. Run the "Rebuild Application" function from the Application menu to reconstruct (and clean) the application database.
  7. Save the application file then compile and download the application to the controller. 
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