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WorkStation crash due to a "same key" error


When trying to download and commission a Xenta programmable controller underneath a LonWorks network in SmartStruxure, WorkStation crashes. The error give before the crash reads, A problem occurred in this application. Exception message: An item with the same key has already been added.


  • Workstation
  • LonWorks Network


When a Menta file contains illegal characters in the name, such as a period, the file will fail to commission and download into a controller. After the Menta file has been created with an illegal character it will create a new AUT file every time it is saved. At this point the file has been corrupted and will not work even if the name is changed.


In order to create a new Menta file based off of the original one, follow the steps below.


How to create a new Menta file without losing the original programming

  1. Right click on the Menta file that contains an illegal character in the name. Unzip the file by selecting 7-Zip > Extract Here.
  2. A folder will be created with the same name as the Menta file, click to open this folder.
  3. Within the extracted folder there will be multiple AUT files. Double click one of the AUT files to open it up.
  4. In the Menta programming window, click File > Save As...
  5. Save the Menta file in any desired location but make give the file a name that does not contain an illegal character.
  6. This newly created MTA file can now be used to commission and download the Xenta controller in SmartStruxure.
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