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WorkStation crashes while downloading TAC Xenta programmable controller


During download or commission of a TAC Xenta programmable controller, WorkStation crashes with the following error message

"A problem has occured in this application"

Click here to view the full error message


Building Operation WorkStation

TAC Vista Transition


During transition from TAC Vista to SmartStruxure, it is possible that some information is imported with content that is not possible to introduce in the system with the normal engineering tools.

If the neuron ID of a TAC Xenta IO module is not valid according to SmartStruxure, it will usually not be allowed to initiate the download process, but as the value has been introduced by the migration tool, this is possible.

Here is an example of an invalid neuron ID entered for the IO module, and "Commission" being enabled


Enter a valid neuron ID for the IO module before downloading, or remove the IO module from the Menta program

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