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Workstation system variables have been renamed to names of objects from other controllers.


Workstation has had a number of its system variables renamed to names such as FanStatus and HHWV. These objects have also changed their Object Class to BACnet objects such as AnalogueValue.


Continuum BACnet



This can occur when the Device Node ID of your Device object (Workstation) is the same as a BACnet devices BACnet ID.


The best way to resolve this is to "cut out the bad bits" by deleting the BACnet device from the BACnet tree, the Workstation Device object, and Workstation Folder.  

Perform the following:

  1. Backup the ContinuumDB.
  2. Backup any WS programs or other objects in the WS that you will require later. Export these to dump files.
  3. Export any graphics that reference your BACnet Devices.
  4. Shut down all other Cyberstations.
  5. Delete the BACnet Device that is conflicting from the BACnet side of Continuum.
  6. Delete the Workstation Device object and Workstation Folder.
  7. Shut down Continuum and then re-initialize the Workstation object into the database using a unique number for its BACnet ID (this is the Device Node ID). This number can be between 1 and 4194302, but must be unique in your entire BACnet network.
  8. Log-on and re-find the BACnet controller and import anything that you previously backed up in steps 2 and 3.
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