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Writing a PE program to operate on AC-1 output when a card is swiped.


Can a program a controller to cycle an output based on a cardholder presenting an access card at a cardreader without having the cardholder actually open the door. 


  • Netcontroller II
  • CX9680
  • AC-1
  • AC1-Plus
  • Plain English


When silencing an audible intrusion alarm using an access card, typically the person silencing the alarm must have access permissions at the door.  This is so an audit trail can be maintained for alarm silencing events.


In order to test the authority of the card holder that is silencing an audible alarm and to provide and audit trail for such events, the PE code typically must evaluate a valid access event. 

Since a valid access event is not completed until the door has been opened as indicated by the door switch input, this means that opening the door must be a part of the alarm silencing procedure.


In more recent versions of ACX57xx and CX9680 a new flag attribute (ValidAttempt) has been added that makes it possible to detect a valid attempt independent of the valid access flag.


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