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XBuilder Project Change Target Type menu option is grayed out


XBuilder allows for the target type to be changed via the Project menu > Change Target Type. This will change all references in the project if changing from a Xenta 527 to a Xenta 731, for example. Sometimes this menu item is not available and appears grayed out.


  • XBuilder
  • Vista Classic Network
  • Xenta Servers
  • Xenta 511, 527, 701, 711, 721, 731, 913


When a Xenta controller is used as a Xenta Server in a Vista classic network, there are references in XBuilder to the Vista database that will prevent the target type from being altered.


  1. Save a copy of the database XBuilder project to the hard drive.  File > Save As...
  2. Open XBuilder in a "stand alone mode" (Start > All Programs > Schneider Electric > TAC Tools 5.1.X > XBuilder)
  3. Open the project from the hard drive
  4. Select Project > Change Target Type. This option should now be available.
  5. Change target to the desired type and send to target.

Note: The device in the Vista database has not been updated by this process. If the Xenta Server needs to change types, this must be done in Vista Workstation. Create a new Xenta Server and then use the XBuilder menu Vista Database > Save As... to reassociate the XBuilder project with the database object.

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