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Xenta 102-AX displaying strange data in Vista 5.1.6


When creating a Xenta 102-AX in Vista 5.1.6 the UCPTprogramversn and UCPTapplicVersn is ignored and all SNVT/SCPT PROPERTY_OFFSET values have incorrect values causing incorrect value readings and incorrect default values.  The PROPERTY_OFFSET value is offset by 12.

Xenta 102-AX devices that are in LNS networks display correct values in LonMaker or NL-220 and only display incorrectly in Vista.


  • Vista Workstation
  • LonMaker
  • NL-220
  • 102-AX


A change in the way Vista handles XIFs in Vista 5.1.6 inadvertently caused it to display incorrect values.


Hotfix 12 for TAC Vista 5.1.6 should be downloaded from the Extranet and installed. From the Buildings Business Extranet Navigate to Products > TAC Vista > Vista Software > TAC Vista 5.1.6 > Hotfixes.

Hotfix 12 can be applied following the steps below:

  1. Before installing the hotfix, Vista Workstation and Server should be shut down.
  2. Double-click the hotfix executable file to install.
  3. Once the hotfix is installed rebrowse the 102-AX XIF file into any devices that were experiencing the issue by right-clicking the 102-AX device in Vista Workstation and selecting Properties.
  4. Then select the XIF File tab and click the ellipses next to the source file.
  5. Reselect the 102-AX XIF file and click OK.
  6. It may be necessary to refresh the screen to begin seeing correct values.
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