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Xenta 102-AX operation in NIGHT_PURGE mode


The Xenta 102-AX can be set to NIGHT_PURGE mode using the plug-in or VAV_Controller.nviApplicMode.  The documentation does not state what this mode does.


Xenta 102-AX


The Xenta 102-AX Product Manual enumerates all of the possible modes for the controller, but does not go into detail about night purge or any of the other modes.


NIGHT_PURGE mode will:

  1. Set the unit mode (nvoUnitStatus.MODE) to HVAC_NIGHT_PURGE
  2. Set the airflow setpoint (nvoFlowControlPt) to Cooling Maximum (SCPTmaxFlow)

The Xenta 102-AX will enter NIGHT_PURGE mode automatically when the unit is UNOCCUPIED and the terminal load is 100%.

NIGHT_PURGE mode will end and return to the active nviApplicMode when the terminal load reaches 0% or below.

Note:  Heating outputs are not disabled in this mode. If the Xenta 102-AX is in night purge mode when it goes occupied it will be stuck in that mode. The box will not come out of night purge until the terminal load reaches 0% just as when it is unoccupied

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