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Xenta 102-AX temperature sensors reading incorrectly, very high


Xenta 102-AX temperature sensors reading in the range of 130°F (54.4°C) when they should be closer to room temperature. Wiring has been checked and everything appears correct.

  • What kind of temp sensor do I use for a 102-AX?


  • Xenta 102-AX
  • ETD-1xx duct temperature sensors
  • ETR-1xx room temperature sensors
  • STR-1xx room thermostats


Every other Xenta controller uses a 1.8k-ohm thermistor as a standard. Because the Xenta 102-AX is a modified version of the I/NET MR-VAV-AX, it still uses the 10k-ohm thermistors native to the I/NET product line.


The Xenta 102-AX uses 10k-ohm thermistors. See Lessons Learned Article #4277 for detailed information on the thermistor curve that is acceptable. Approved sensors are:

  • ETD-2xx duct temperature sensors
  • ETR-2xx room temperature sensors
  • STR-2xx room thermostats
  • STD-2xx duct temperature sensors
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