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Xenta 102-AX version 2.14 and prior will not honor nviSpaceTemp unless it is bound with a true SNVT binding.


Xenta 102-AX version 2.14 and prior will not honor nviSpaceTemp unless it is bound with a true SNVT binding.  This can be an issue in a Vista classic scenario using a Xenta Server to do the connection in XBuilder.


Xenta 102-AX version 2.14 or prior

Vista Classic Network


The Xenta 102-AX version 2.14 and prior requires a true SNVT binding on nviSpaceTemp from an LNS Management software (LonMaker, NL220). The controller does a check to see if there is a true bound value on the nviSpaceTemp and if it does not exist, it reverts to the hard-wired room temperature sensor.

When using the Xenta 700, Xenta 500, or Xenta 900 the controller simply connects the desired temp value to nviSpacetemp via a connection object. This is not a true LNS binding and the controller WILL NOT honor the connected value.



Upgrade the firmware of the Xenta 102-AX to version 2.16 or later. Firmware 2.16 allows the use connection objects in XBuilder to send a value to the nviSpaceTemp SNVT of a 102-AX.

Download the latest Xenta 102-AX firmware

Instructions on upgrading the firmware are located here.

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