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Xenta 102-ES Flow Calibration Plug-In Error


Xenta 102-ES Flow Calibration Plug-In Error

An error message is generated that reads:

Balancing Error

Errors occurred during balancing and values for nciBoxScale, nciNomFlow and nciBoxOffset and values have been reset. This can be caused by air flow not being stable during the balancing process, or due to incorrectly measured values. Returned values were: nciBoxScale = XXX, nciNomFlow = XXX, nciBoxOffset = XXX. You should try doing the balancing process again.


Xenta 102-ES Plug-In


If the Lonmaker plug-in for the Xenta 102-ES gets a negative result on nciBoxOffset during calibration, the "Apply" button can be hit and all works fine. However if the plug-in is closed and then re-opened, the flow page will show values that do not match what was calibrated to.


  1. Do not make any adjustments or changes after the device has been calibrated.   You should hit cancel if you go to the flow page after a box has been calibrated and not Apply. If you do hit the "Apply" button, it corrupts the data in the device and you will need to re-calibrate.
  2. Also if you want to check flow values on a box after a calibration has been done, do so in Vista or in the LonMaker Browser, not through the plug in flow page.
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